Hey it's me mTc| Holybrian ,

Just thought about the old days and wanted to know if anyone was still out there?

Friendy greats
Brian ,

Ps i once met up with marius in brussels belgium Thu Apr 09, 2020 23:07
"What is happening?"

Figured it is time to change the front page of this page, lol.

Many people are probably wondering about what's going on these days with mTc. As you may have noticed, some of our servers has been closed. SK is still open.

If you find yourself wondering "what is happening in mTc these days?", Stenudd has given an answer.

Stenudd wrote:
we are working on this new mod, there is still some work that needs to be done to get a functional JB server out of it. I promise I will inform everyone the day we launch everything again, but until then I lay low and work for myself :)

Thanks for your attention, and hope to see you guys around again! :) Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:24
Second event (Champion of mTc)
Hello guys,

I know you've all been waiting for this. So here it is.

The second event will be up against each other, there will be a scout knives, laser doom and last man standing event. To see who is the most skilled at killing the opponent amongst you all.

The event will take place saturday 19th of october. at 21 gmt+1

The following points will be given.

In laserdoom:

Last survivor: 4 points
second survivor: 3points

Scout knives:

Last survivor: 4 points
second survivor; 3 points

Last man standing

Last survivor: 5 points

So a total of 19 points will be earned.

Hope to see you all there. Fri Oct 11, 2013 13:58
In this topic the current points of the players will be hold

1st even intelligence event

the first event 8 points were earned
In the second event 12 points can be earned to keep up the challenge.

bammf 3
BjQrn 2
ruyzick 1
extreme 1

HolyBrian Sat Sep 21, 2013 21:27
Champion of mtc EVENT
Hello and glad to see you back,

Seeing you read this post shows that you might still have some intrest in our servers. Awesome !

This event will be a bit different than others

Because this event will determin who is the all out champion of mtc.
With a series of smaller events you will gather points and those points will lead into showing who actualy is the NUMBA ONE!

There will be events off all different types. So if you are stronger in events that requer some thinking or stronger in events that require precision you will have a chance.

Every one has his different skill set. But the true champ of mTc has them all. Time to put you all to the test.

The dates and event types will be randomly announced in this topic. So pay attention and be patient.

In total 5 events will be hosted. 3 th and 2nd place will also be recieving points according to their play. So the winner is only known when it all ends.

I am proud to announce that the first event will be hosted

Saturday the 21th of september. The details of this event will be given later. But be sure all type of skills will be put to the test througout this event.

Since i won't be needing much help on this, mTc - members are free to participate in the event

I hope to see you intrested and see you soon in game.

Oww almost forgot! The winner will recieve the special mtc red event saber. and has the right to claim the name Champion of mtc where namefakers will not be tollerated.

Good luck and see you soon

It is set then. After thinking out the options the first event is chosen.

The event will conclude all sorts of intelligence and fast typing skill testers. So it will be a mix of saw game , music quiz , country game and story telling game. Be sure to know that with quizes , sawgame and country game you will not be able to pick urself.

The event will start at 21.00 gmt+1 at saturday the 21th. After the event the second date and event will be given.


You don't need to be strong to win , just clever enough to know you can! Wed Sep 04, 2013 21:57
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